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Ear Nose Throat SPECIALIST

Fluent English

Also speaks: German  French, Russian, Italian, a bit of Spanish 

and pretty good Hungarian

Trusted doctor of the Budapest embassies of Austria, Italy, Germany, UK, US, Canada, Australia

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Dr. Timár is a general practitioner (GP), pediatrician and also ear nose and throat specialist. 

He has been listed by several embassies in Budapest as a trusted physician since 1992.

His private clinic was opened in 1993 and extended 1996 as Expat Medical Clinic.


You can reach us practically any time at our phone number:     +36 30 9141477

Opening times are flexible, not always regular, also due to house visits being made. Please contact us any time, even week-ends to ask if an office visit of house visit is possible. Please do not show up without an appointment.



It is the task of the general practitioner (family doctor, GP) to be able to help in case of any medical issue. Ideally he will be the first doctor to be consulted by the patient. A knowledgeable family doctor will be able to establish the diagnosis and initiate an effective treatment in most situations. The trend to skip the consultation with the GP and go to the specialist right away is not necessarily helpful, as this doctor may have experience only in a narrow field. It is important that the family doctor will be willing to take responsibility. He needs to have experience, self-confidence, and decisiveness.  It can be very harmful if a doctor with not enough knowledge ends up prescribing too much diagnostic interventions and treatment. 
On the other hand he needs to identify an emergency case and complicated situations so that referral to a specialist or hospital will be quickly possible. 

We have great experience in travel medicine and regular vaccinations.



Dr. Timár: To treat ear, nose, and throat problems is my hobby. I started in this field as a general doctor and a specialist for pediatrics. Due to my previous activity in these other fields I had a certain reservation towards the activity of oto-rhino-laryngologists in general. I became a board certified otolaryngologist and later also a board certified pediatric otolaryngologist.  My reservation was partly enhanced by treating thousands of international patients who resisted at certain occasions when I offered them interventions they were not used to in their home countries. I understood that there can be big differences in the medical practice of certain countries or multinational regions, even more in everyday conditions than highly complicated situations. Without going into details: around here in Hungary and Eastern Europe we have a very surgical attitude, there are a lot more interventions than in other parts of the world. Antibiotics and other non-surgical methods are much less trusted.  With time I combined Western protocols with our methods, which has become an advantage for all my patients whether Hungarian or foreign. By now I believe that selling too much treatment is not a local problem, and as one aspect of this way too many operations are performed in the field of otolaryngology. Instead of surgery of adenoids and tonsils non-surgical treatment can be used with a high success rate. Sinus surgery is great fun for the surgeon, much less for the patient and we have effective tools to avoid it.


We cooperate with the laboratory of a big hospital. Most test results can be emailed to the patient on a same day basis. We offer taking blood in your home if necessary.


Your health or sickness can be certified in various languages. We do examinations for work permits, driving lisences, even extensions of Canadian passports, etc. Being accepted by embassies facilitates this.

We have been examining, treating and vaccinating children of the expat community since 1992. During this time vaccination programs have been differing in parts of the world more or less in different periods. Certain countries introduced new ideas, others followed or did not. Currently also some vaccines are not available in Hungary, but are required for the continuation of the vaccination of children of a certain nationality. We can order these vaccines from abroad.  We have great experience in adjusting vaccinating systems so that the individual child or adult will be effectively vaccinated. 

We offer preventive examinations for school entrance or other reasons.

Especially for a child it is important that he or she can communicate directly with the examining pediatrician. We can assure this in the following languages: Hungarian, English, German, French, Italian, and Russian.

Tibor Timar 2023


1037 Budapest
Mátyáshegyi út 43.


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