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Corona situation March 9

As for now we have 9 proven cases of coronavirus illness in Hungary. 67 people are quarantined. ONLY 362 tests have been performed in the whole country. 5 of the nine are Iranian students, 1 Brit living in Debrecen, but working in N.Italy, and 3 Hungarians. One is the father of a man who came home to visit from Italy, and two ladies, the wives of the British and the Hungarian patient.

The test is not available in private facilities, only one laboratory is allowed to perform it. The general impression is that the test is in shortage (or too expensive.) Only people with fever are tested, others are sent away, even if they spent time in infected territories. We have a sick Hungarian gentleman of 70 years, whose son asked to be examined having returned from Northern Italy and being ill. Apparently he was not tested, but sent home. He most probably infected his father and mother. Former is said to be in bad condition.

Most Iranian students are attending the Semmelwies (Medical) Universitiy, where they were in groups of about 16 others for about a week. It seems obvious that more cases will emerge from this university. Contacts are sought only for proven cases, not for very probable ones. This gives the virus more time than the authorities.

Big rallies for the national holiday on March 15th have been canceled, also the rally against the anomalies of the educational system.

Schools are still open, including Semmelweis, which obviously is going to come up with more and more cases.

Personal opinion: do not go to cinema, restaurants, theaters and similar crowded places. Sooner or later the authorities will have to close these, let's be proactive.

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