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Coronavirus in Budapest

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

News has come that an American and an Ecuadorian student were tested positive for the new corona virus in Prague. This concerns us because they had been to Budapest on their way to Prague from Milan, where they study.

This means that the virus has been passing through Budapest, although unnoticed. Their contacts in Prague were identified and quarantined. Let's hope that there will be enough information to do the same in Budapest.

Further information March 4th: The girls arrived from Vienna by Flixbus on Wednesday to Budapest. They stayed in an airbnb, where they did not meet the owner. It is known that they spent some time in Széchenyi thermal bath, also in some bar in the city center. A third US student was with them.

She decided to fly home (apparently because of feeling ill), but was hospitalized in Denmark, being too ill to continue her journey. The other two went by bus to Brno and from there to Prague. Incubation time being up to 2 weeks we can expect their contacts in the buses, the thermal bath, pub(s) and possibly metro, etc. in about a week's time.

Evening March 4th:

This afternoon the first two coronavirus positive cases were hospitalized in Budapest. They are Iranian students who returned from visiting their home country. They are in good health. Their contacts are being identified.

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