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Flu shots in Hungary as of October 21st


Hungary produces a kind of flu shot in a state owned factory. This vaccine contains three kinds of inactivated (dead) whole viruses. It complies with the yearly recommendation of the WHO. It does not have dangerous side-effects, but a stronger reaction of the body (local and general). This is not a modern vaccine, but it is cheap. This is the one that has been given for free to Hungarians of a higher age and some other groups. It was administered by the patient's general practitioner in his office.

There is a much more modern vaccine, which contains only parts of four flu viruses. It is effective against one more strain of the virus and causes much less side effects. Until now this vaccine was to be bought in pharmacies, this is the shot people asked and paid for if they could afford it.

Current situation

2 days ago the government forbid the delivery of the latter vaccine to the pharmacies. The whole stock was confiscated. All vaccinations with this vaccine had to be canceled whether in private or public health institutions.

The cheap vaccine is to be given to taj card holders whether old or young for free from now on.

The better vaccine is currently hidden, the system of its distribution and administration is unknown.

As for now only people insured in the Hungarian health care system are liable for any flu vaccination, it remains to be seen whether the stocks will be sufficient.


Unknown. Further stocks of the better vaccine might emerge in pharmacies in the future. Usually vaccination against flu is to be done in January latest.

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